Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tips to Write Direct Mail Copy

Direct mailing is not a brand new concept. It has been there for generations. Though digital marketing is the present trend, the direct mail marketing has its importance. It helps in targeting potential customers and creating awareness about your product. The direct mail letters have to written in a careful manner.
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Most marketers and advertisers think that direct mail marketing is a waste of time. Remember, direct mail marketing has been there even before internet and websites were present. It can bring double the response than other digital marketing platforms. It is necessary to write the direct mail letters in an impressive way.
In olden pages and pages were written as direct mail letters. Now it has been refined in a great way. It is now sent in the form of one or two pages. People want to gain information within a quick glance. They are not interested to read long letters or letters with more than three or five pages. If they could not find the meaning or matter in quick time, they will just neglect the letter.
A simple letter should contain images and real contents. Too much of brochure inclusions or images will make the look like an advertisement copy.
The main points can be highlighted. Ensure to address the reader by their name. Start the sentence in a courteous way. It is important to perform some homework to find your target audience. It is good if you send the letters to an audience who whom you feel they are worth to receive. Just think that you are writing a letter to your friend.