Friday, 11 September 2015

Thierry Weinberg

Thierry Weinberg is a man just like any other globally. He has made great strides to be a successful business man. This educated man has numerous skills in the field of financial services . They range from consultancy and management, assurance,cost saving,benefit and reduction and supply chain management. These skills have helped him grow proffesionally to the extent of founding a company that offers financial services to clients.

He has also had a fair share of controversy with the law. In the year 2014,November 20th,he was fined 8000 euros and sentenced to an year and six months suspension from official duties. This was on accusations of being an accomplice in the committing of financial fraud. Moreover,the Criminal Chamber made a ruling that prohibited Thierry from managing any commercial company for three years. This ruling professionally tainted his image but he said he would appeal the decision.

His former lover Amanda Sthers;screen writer and writer,broke up with him citing she could not stay with a man that made her suffer. He has shown commitment and the need to make up for the time lost and his previous mistakes,but the mother of two claims to be happy being single. It has been a little over an year now since they broke up. Although she is still available and open to a man who will make her happy, she is carefull with the decision and does not wish to repeat her mistakes.

Life presents adversaries and happiness with equal measure and Thierry Weinberg has not been an exception. What matters is how we choose to maintain our happiness and how we leap back from adversaries. When all is said and done, life is lived once,no rehearsals just lessons with every step. Wisdom is in knowing what lessons to apply in real life.