Sunday, 25 September 2016

Methods To Increase Website Traffic

Websites need to be better than the best when it comes to on-page optimization to improve conversion rates. Having an SEO site and web pages will keep it ahead of other similar web pages and rank them better on search engine result pages. It is very important to gain the highest ranking to stay up among the first five search results and appear on the very first page. The site that ranks first gains up to 35% of the total clicks.

The second and third sites gain up to 12% and 9.5% clicks respectively. By the tenth position, the clicks are only about 2.2%. According to Caseo getting clicked and ranking alone is not enough for overall success. The links must be attractive too. If you are still unsure what are paid clicks, check here to gain a better understanding,

Here are a few SEO tricks to help stay ahead.

Attractive titles and descriptions: The headline is restricted to 65 characters and it must articulate so as to increase website traffic by being attractive, precise and relevant. It would be best to keep the headline short. The title must have the keywords towards the very beginning. People generally only look at the first two words of the title. The title must be relevant to the content and must represent what the content is about.

Optimize URLs: The URL must be clean and focused. It must incorporate the keywords and be precise. URLs must not be vague. Keywords in the URL will improve page ranking.

Meta description: The meta description is a tag in HTML that consists of about 160 characters that summarize the page content. The meta description is the description that pops up right below the title on search engines. Optimizing the meta description sure stands next in line to that of title optimization. The meta description must be descriptive of the content and must have keywords upfront. Employing questions like “where, how, when, what, why and who” works excellently well when working with meta descriptions. The meta descriptions must be unique and vary from page to page. The meta description must be kept short.

Employ Google+: Google’s new authorship and Google+ strategy are going a long way in making an impact. When the image of the writer pops up beside the content, it is a kind of validation and a mark of trust on part of the search engine about the author; this greatly enhances viewership as it kind of works to gain the trust of the audience. The image of the author along with relevant hyperlinks wins greater click-through and audience.

Reduce noise: A good SEO strategy focuses on a good web design. There must be no clutter in the sidebars, this will help improve the conversion rate and greatly reduce bounce rate. Avoid placing too may ads on the page; they tend to drive people away. Analytics will help identify the best performing ads and keeping them will be enough. Google recently announced the “page layout improvement algorithm” that penalizes pages that place ads at the top of the page. The content provided on the pages must be of premium quality, informative, interactive and engaging. The contents can have links to other related pages.

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