Sunday, 9 October 2016

What Are Bed Bugs And How To Identify Them?

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, flat, oval-shaped insects and it can grow maximum to the size of 4 to 5mm long similar to the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs feed only human blood. You can see the bed bugs in furniture, mattress seams, electrical outlet plates, picture frames, and cracks in crevices etc.
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You can see bed bugs in hotels where it moves from one room to another through visitor’s luggage or any other personal items. You can easily get bugs from anywhere like stores, offices, hotels, gyms, starters etc. It can easily enter your home by hiding in personal belongings or any other things from outside. Once entered into your home, it is very difficult to manage them without the support of professional pest controllers. You can save money on pest control by removing them at an early stage.
The tips to prevent bed bugs are explained here. You can take away all the clutter from your home and it helps to identify the bed bugs easily. You should wash and dry out your bed linens on the hottest temperature as maximum as possible. When bringing any second-hand furniture into your home, you should closely check it. You can also examine your home thoroughly after trips, overnight guests or service calls.
Bed bugs can increase their count largely even in short span of time. Female bed bugs can deposit about 1-5 eggs per day and can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime. In normal room temperature, consuming adequate amount of food, bed bugs can live for larger than 3oo days.
Though the bugs can carry diseases, till now it is not yet proved that the bugs can transmit diseases to people. Bed bugs can feed only blood and many people have experienced bed bugs bites.
Since bed bugs can multiply in numbers in short period, early detection and resolve bed bugs problem at any early stage is significant. The signs of bed bug infestation are explained here. The adult bed bugs can grow up to the size of an apple seed and the young bed bugs will be in smaller size. When the bed bugs grow, they discard their skin and if you find any skin particles in your home, then it signals the presence of bed bugs in home.
Biting is an important role of bed bugs through which it feeds your blood, if you get any bites then you can check whether bed bugs are available in your home. There are plenty of pest management companies that offer pest control services to different types of pest. You must be very cautious in the selection process.

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