Saturday, 11 March 2017

How To Chase Away Your Kid’s Dental Phobia

Visiting a dentist is always one of the least pleasant experiences one wishes upon himself. It is the one task, that many put off until they feel an absolute necessity to do so. According to a recent Full Report, published by an eminent researcher, more than 10% of the population experience Dental Phobia, at some point in their lives or the other. In layman’s terms, this particular fear is nothing more than the fear of the dentist! And, if sites like are to be believed, this irrational fear isn’t just experienced by adults. Apparently, even children, with no prior dental visits, experience an acute sense of panic, when they are informed of an impending dental visit.

One of the most typical reactions kids give, when told of the upcoming appointment, is that of a total sense of panic, that manifests itself in a whole lot of commotion, usually in the form of yelling and crying!

Why do kids experience Dental Phobia?
Kids are one of nature’s biggest mimics. They sense and observe all that occurs around them. Kids can easily notice if an adult, say the parent, is feeling apprehensive about a visit to the dental clinic. When that happens, these kids will form their own assumptions about the reasons behind such disquietude, and that is where the problem originates. Hence, even a mere mention of the word dentist, is sure to waken their worst fears in their imagination!

How to rectify Dental Phobia?
One of the best things mature and responsible adults can do, is not to feed the fear. Do not say stuff like “ Brush your teeth else we will take you to the dentist” or “Wait till you see the dentist with his drill.” Abstain from planting the fears in the child’s head. Such dialogues will only create a negative picture of the dentist. Eminent child psychologists will tell you that is much tougher to erase a fear, than to create it. And, avoid showing your own fears to the child.

It is always best to talk to the child, about the different dental problems one may experience. Ask him or her to tell you if they ever experience:
  • A toothache
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain in the jaws
  • Notice black spots on the teeth

Reassure them that these are problems that are easily solved with the help of the dentist. Explain to them, that the dentist is a kind of doctor, whose job is to take care of their teeth, and that the dentist’s office is the place where the dentist has all the equipment that will help him or her do the job successfully. Often kids get a lot of misinformation from their peers about the various tools that the dentist may use. This kind of wrong information often multiplies the child’s fear. Reassure the child that the tools are there for helping, and not for hurting.

Nowadays, most dental procedures are undertaken with a minimal amount of pain, thanks to the many advances in medicine and technology. This is a fact that must be stressed upon- For both adults and kids!

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